To the honeyMoon and back

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To the honeyMoon and back

Choosing Australia as a place to spend honeymoon married couples can be sure they will spend there the most amazing time they can imagine. That big island has a lot of attractions to offer and nobody will come back home dissapointed. Regarding some facts and spending some time t prepare before a trip nothing will be be a bad surprise.

How to get there

The most popular way to get to Australia is a flight because of a long distance from other countries and time yoy need to spend travelling for example by ship. Some visitors make plans, book hotels and flights on their own. They wants to stay independent. Especially for them very important is to remember that each person who wants to stay in Australia need australian visa. Is not hard to get australia ETA – Electronic Travel Authority but to have that is a must for everybody. If not you will not be allowed to stay in Australia even for one day. ETA is a permission for a journey not longer than 3 months but that time you can travel there and go back as often as you need to. Some people are scared of flights or they just want something extra so they choose a cruise on one of luxury ships seems like small cities.

Romantic and adventurous

Married couples choose hotels close to the beach that allows them to spend really nice time walking along the beach, taking sun baths, swimming in the ocean. All water activities requires to stay focused because of sharks. The fact is that those animals can cause a huge damage so be careful each time you try to be one of australian surfers or divers on the reef. After a day full of attractions you can watch the beautiful yachts in harbour, try kangaroo or aligator steak at the restaurant and sleep in cozy bed thinking that you’re almost at the end of the world.


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