Sri Lanka – short term vacation

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Sri Lanka – short term vacation

Having just few days for vacation, most of us look for places not far from home because what we can see in just few days? That’s not the best point of view. Starting preparation for the trip just a bit earlier gives us a possibility to see more because we can go further. Great choice for all travellers is Sri Lanka, it only requires from visitors to have a tourist visa called ESTA SriLanka – Electronic Travel Authorisation that is an online document so it’s not hard to get it but it’s worth to have and than just wait for the day of departure.

What to do

Sri Lanka is an island which offers attractions for adults who wants to keep close to the natur and for those who loves history. You can feel like Indiana Jones discovering temples and nature parks. You should see lipton’s seat especially you loves to drink a cup of tea – to know how did it grows up and what’s going on befor you will get it into your cup. Amazing Wonder od ancient Sri Lanka is Citadel of Sigiriya – hearing about history of Sri Lanka and how the fortress of rocs was built you will feel like a part of that place. One of the places nobody should miss is Medirgiriya Vatadage – amazing place to know much more about Sri Lankan architecture and island’s heritage unique to the whole world, don’t miss it. At the end of your trip, find time for relax at Mirissa Beach where you can try to surf, taking sunbath and drinking smoothies made of fresh fruits.

See you soon

Be sure you will love Sri Lanka and after just one day you will already make a plan for the next trip J. Remember that you Sri Lanka visa is valid for 6 months, check the terms before you’ll book next flight.


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