Family vacation in paradise

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Family vacation in paradise

Sometimes is not easy to spend vacations with family because every member has his own ide of a place to go, want to see emth extra or just relax doing nothing. What to do? One of the best choices is to go to Sri Lanka. That small island has beaches to take long walks, traditional food and cuture for those wh loves to visit and know more and more and also animals for those who loves to be close to the nature.


Clothes, cosmetics and passports, is that all? No. As a tourist you need a tourist visa to stay in Sri Lanka. ETA Sri Lanka– Electronic Travel Autorisation is an online document which allows the owner to stay at the territory of Sri Lanka for 30 days. It’s free for all kids under 12 years old for adults costs is 20-50 US dollars. Now you’re ready for the adventure.


Travelling with family means not only visiting temples, monuments and museums. Kids are very spcial type of ravellers and Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for them. Starting from womderful beaches with gold san dunder their feet, blue lagoons with full range of fish and turtles but also friendly monkeys that will come close to them and make them smile – in that case be careful of parasites so better keep kids aways from stray animals. There is also Pinnewala elephant orphanage, turtle hatcheries,three – wheelers helping to move anywhere you want to with a thrill passing your body J and hill country train rides. Don’t forget to take suncream and mosquito repelent for your children because you will not find them in Sri Lanka’s shops.


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