What are top tourist destinations in Canada?

What are top tourist destinations in Canada?
24 May

Canada is a country inhabited by almost 33 million citizens of all nationalities. The country is known for its captivating and scenic views and vast array of urban and cultural wonders. Beautiful landscapes, unseen sceneries, and unrivalled sites for travellers to explore are waiting for you.

The country of million amazing places

Canada is too big and too interesting country to explore it thoroughly in a few weeks.
If you wonder what are the most iconic places to visit in Canada, check the list below:
• CN Tower in Toronto – the highest structure on the western hemisphere, which can be visible from every part of the city. It is one of the most famous Canadian landmarks. It offers delicious selection of meals in the restaurant located at the top as well as famous Edge Walk.
• Niagara Falls – definitely most popular tourist attraction in Canada. Its natural beauty captivates millions of visitors from over the world. If you plan a visit to Toronto, you cannot miss the opportunity to see this falls, which is located nearby.
• Whistler – famous Canadian ski resort which offers vast array of best hotels and dining sites as well as recreational activities: snowboarding, skiing, golf, bungee jumping, mountain biking. The city was one of the locations for the Winter Olympic Games held in 2010.
• Old Montreal – beautiful historic site with old buildings and horse-drawn carriages is one of the most popular tourist destinations offering unique atmosphere and lovely setting.
• Old Quebec – UNESCO World Heritage site lined with lovely buildings and centred around mysterious Chateau Fronterac. It is a famous place for artists to display their works, which guarantees unforgettable atmosphere of the place.

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